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Backflip Fail on the Beach

Beach Backflip Fail Today we have a pretty good fail video for you. Today we get to see how a


Cement Truck Tips and Falls

Cement Truck Falls We got a pretty big fil to watch today. In today's clip we get to see how


Epic Ninja Training Fall

Guy Has An Epic Ninja Training Fall We have somewhat of a fail in today's video. In the clip we


Woman on Hoverboard Takes Out Christmas Tree

Hoverboard Fail Ends With a Messed Up Christmas Tree Here we have a great example of why you shouldn't use


Feline Fails of the Month

Some people are cat lovers and others think that cats want to steal their souls and prefer the company of


The Best Fails Of The Week

It's healthy to laugh, preferably on a daily basis at the very least. Whether it be because of joy or


Drone Fails Compilation

We're quite the fan of compilations here at ViralViralVideos (hence our recurring fail, news bloopers or cute pets compilations), but


Dog Falls Asleep While Standing On Kayak

The serenity of nature is under-appreciated by many of us. I'm not sure if this dog is just bored or


Woman Tries to Close Hot Tub During Windy Day

Nobody wants to go in the hot tub when it's windy and rainy, so you might as well close it.


The Dirtbike Bail Of Doom

Some serious fails again this week, what the f%#*! How do people still fail so often when there are so


Doggo Gets Stuck On Exercise Ball

Exercising is supposed to be fun, right? This friendly doggo thought so, at least. But watch his joy quickly fade


Surprising Drone Flight Over Los Angeles

Watching your surroundings through an aerial view is cool and all, but be careful where you go. Drones aren't exactly