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Best New Bloopers Of January 2018

Another day of news, another day of news people doing weird stuff. Day after day after day... It's only natural


Bowling Disaster

When you have never thrown a bowling ball in your life, please practice first before doing so. Ugly things can


When Your Superpowers Take Down A Building

The building was close to collapsing anyway, but nobody could have figured it was about to be destroyed by the


Best Fails Of January 2018

A new year, and people still haven't learned. They keep being dumb, stupid and arrogant. Which I like obviously, as


Is Winter Done Yet?

Wet, snowy or slippery, winter always has some nastiness coming our way. Not to mention the bonebreaking accidents that occur


Best News Bloopers Of 2017

I admit, it's a fifteen minute long compilation, but it's so worth it. There were so many news fails this


Part 2 Of The Best Fails Of 2017

More people face-planting, more kids bumping into things, animals not understanding simple concepts and so on. 2017 was a great


2017: A Year In Fails

The fail compilation to trump them all (pun intended). Yeah yeah, I admit, the year isn't over yet, but these


Watch Out Johnny!

From girls taking unintended dives, to trees falling in unexpected directions, to motorraces gone wrong... It's all there. Is there


Whip It, Whip It Real Good

I failed just now by discarding my draft for this video, but luckily there weren't any cameras on me. This


Your Tooth Is Missing

If you've got to fail anyway, at least let others have a laugh over it. Right? Nobody ever lost by


An Epic Robbery Fails Breakdown

The most compilation you've been waiting for. Those wankers who are trying to steal some stuff but fail miserably? This