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FaceBook Page: ‘OMG Look What this Kid did to His School After Getting Expelled!’ – FAIL

This is so dumb, but it is going viral on Facebook. I don't understand why people would 'like' this, but


Guy Falls Off Skate Board, Skate Board Flies Up, Hits His Head

Now that is called a double skateboard fail. Not only does this guy fall and smash his hip, the skate


Monster High Fright Song Music Video

I know! Let's take a famous, successful theme that Michael Jackson used for thriller, but a pop beat to it

By Pass Face Book Fan Fail

Picture: By Pass Facebook Fan FAIL

By Pass Face Book Fan Fail Does anyone else see the paradox here? The site which is devoted


FAIL Bangs – ‘Meet Me On FaceBook’ Rap Song

This has been voted total FAIL by multiple sources. It must be a joke.


Annoying Geico Commercial – Little Piggy Going Wee Wee Wee All The Way Home

It's just like it sounds. A 'little piggy' from the classic 'this little piggy went to the market' song, going