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Asian Teacher Smashes Student’s Phone – FAKE Viral Video

A video of an Asian teacher smashing a student's cell phone because he was talking in class is going viral.…

Fake Criminal Pranks Woman Giving Him Job Interview

This guy acts like the worst interviewee ever. He brings his 'parole officer' even. He gives the worst answers and…

Burn The Koran Day Fake Funny Commercial Satire

Dr. Terry Jones wants to have a Burn The Koran Day on September 11th. He has been on the news…

Hunter Shoots Bear Fake Video – Commercial Ad For Tipp Ex White Out

I saw this annoying video when it was new, and never thought people would fall for it. Here is another…

FAKE Viral Video Of Girl Scared, Runs And Is Hit By Car

A group of friends try to scare their friend Rachel. When she turns around one friend in a mask says…

Twitter Movie – Trailer

If there's an over dramatic Facebook Hollywood movie, why not make one for Twitter. Yes this is fake, but it…

EPIC Lando Calrissian Trailer – BlackStar Warrior

This trailer is straight out of the late 70's with that Shaft style and attitude. I'll be honest, it's so…

Fake Crash Proof Bike German Newscast

Yes, it's obviously fake. It's still funny and ironic.

‘The Video Website’ – Youtube Spoof Of The Facebook Movie ‘Social Network’

The Social Network is coming out soon making, the Facebook story a Hollywood motion picture. Here is the Youtube Spoof…

Reporter Drops Breaks Ice Scuplture

Most people call FAKE on this video. The way the people react seem like acting and ungenuine.

The Oregon Trail Official Trailer Based On The Classic Video Game

Based on the classic video educational game Oregon Trail, this awesome trailer uses almost every line from the game. The…


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