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Tree cutting fail video

Tree Cutting Fail, Truck Pays Price

Tree Cutting Fail Ends With Tree on Truck What a fail we have today. This clip shows how a man


Skier Accidentally Drives Off Of A Cliff And Films The Whole Thing

Devin Stratton fell off of an unmarked 150-foot cliff in the backcountry of the Wasatch Range in Utah - and


Canadian Christmas Driveway Ice Hysterics

Caroline Charter witnessed and uploaded this very funny encounter between old people lacking balance and slippery ice. An entertaining mixture,


Funny Outtakes From A White Bear On Ice

White Bear Mitsubishi wanted to shoot a cool commercial in an ice hockey venue. Sadly their mascot didn't seem to


How To Make Maple Leaf Roses

Okay, this is an easy one, but looks pretty eat. Rob from "Man vs. Pin" by ThreadBanger shows us how


This Guy Just Wanted To Be On TV…

If you just HAVE to be the center of the attention - act like it! If you are brave enough,

Can a Pumpkin Protect an iPhone 7 from 100ft Drop Test?

So if you happen to not have asked yourself this question before - GizmoSlip answeres it for you! And gathers


Taylor Swift Falls On Her Face Running On Treadmill

It's hard for pop star Taylor Swift to sneeze without the Internet exploding. But this new ad she stars is trending


Guy Keeps Slipping When Putting The Trash Out On Icy Street

The town where Je Kop lives was recently covered in a wintry, icy storm. Now, everything is covered in a film of


Cat Body Slams Kid In The Snow

The Internet already knows very well that, though they are loved, cats can be ruthless. How many videos are there of


Skier Falls 1,600 Feet Down Mountain, Miraculously Survives

Some sports are inherently more dangerous than others. Skiing is already a pretty dangerous sport, but when you start taking


Little Girl Adorably Fails Jumping Into Inflatable Pool

Swimming season is over, but that doesn't make this precious clip by America's Funniest Home Videos any less adorable. This little girl



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