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Lady Gaga Falls At Concert

Lady Gaga took a spill in Houston on stage at her concert. She was wearing high heels standing on a piano. I


Kristie Alley Dropped, Falls On Dancing With Stars

It's horribly embarrassing when anyone falls on a dance show. Throw in the fact that this is Dancing With The


Model Stumbles On Cat Walk

Not falling on the catwalk is probably the only thing on these girls' minds. Don't fall, don't fall, don't fall.


Kid Rides Escalator Hand Rail Then Falls

This is called not thinking of the near future. If you're going to ride the outside of the escalator by


Boy Falls Onto Subway Tracks Playing Video Game

A ten year old Italian boy fell onto subway tracks while playing his PSP. Don't game and walk kids. Good


Girl Sucks In To much Helium, Falls Over

This older video just surfaced as viral. Kids, if you're going to play with helium, just inhale a little and


Guy On Roof Knocked Off By Snow

If you're going to be thrown off a roof, this is the best way. While trying to scrape the snow


Abercrombie Fail

I can't tell you what happens without ruining it. Just watch these six seconds and laugh.


Puppy Thrown In Leaf Pile

Owners of a new puppy dog try to give their new furry friend a taste of the fall. They softly


Guy In Subway Station Runs, Jumps Into Train Doors

Just wait for it. This guy is talking to his friend on camera about whatever, when at the last moment


Mariah Carey Slips, Falls At Singapore Grand Prix 2010, 9/26/10 – Make it Happen

Mariah Carey trips over her $10,000 shoes but recovers quickly. She has a crew of men take off her shoes, while


Model Falls On Catwalk

Model falls on Burberry catwalk wearing impossible shoes. Ouch.