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Skateboarding Too Fast Downhill Then Falling In The Grass

This skateboarder starts out strong, but then he starts to pick up too much speed. He begins to lose control


Man Falls Off Building Proposing To Girlfriend – FAKE

Spotting a fake 'viral' video commercial made by marketers to look legit is actually easier than ever. These marketing companies


Zipline Wedding Crash

Let's zipline over a river at our wedding dear. What a great idea, thought the bride. But she forgot her husband


Rihanna Falls On Stage

How many times can fans watch celebrities falling on stage while performing? I don't know, but apparently fans can't get


Two Crashed Motorcycles Interlock And Twirl Around

At the French motorcycle race circuit, Magny-Cours, one driver lost his balance and fell off his bike. The bike slid and


Man Drops Woman Playing Russian Wedding Game

This 2008 wedding video just exploded with tens of thousands of hits, and is going viral on SayOMG. I don't know


Girl Falls On Stage At Graduation

There's really not much to say. There are few things in the world that young people are truly terrified of.


After Getting Ready To Jump, Puppy Still Falls

When you're young and new at things, you really have to take your time getting ready for it. But sometimes


Graduate Fails At Cartwheel During Graduation

Graduation is a great feeling. You are free of school and can feel the chains of bondage melt away. But


Kid Narrates Girls Hurdling Fails

This kid was born to be an announcer. I wonder how he got his hands on the footage of the


Women Falling In Romantic Comedies Compilation

It seems that every romantic comedy trailer has the same voice and the same setup. Meet Susie, or Sarah, or


Lion Mascot Falls On School Children

At a school spirit assembly, the teacher hype up the kids for their beloved mascot. Finally, it's time for the