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Happy By Pharrell In Family Guy Voices

Everyone is covering Happy by Pharrell. It's the Web's latest obsession.  But no one has put on a performance quite…

Family Guy Live Action Intro

In honor of Family Guy: Volume 12 coming to DVD, CineFix made this Family Guy live action introduction as a part of…

Two Stunt Women Recreate Famous Family Guy Epic Chicken Fight

Stunt actress Jessie Graff published this impressive fight scene at the end of July, but the clip has only picked up viral…

Impressionist Bohemian Rhapsody Parody

Covering and parodying the Queen rock classic Bohemian Rhapsody is an online favorite. But somehow Paul Vlahos was able to cover the legendary…

Peter Griffin In Real Life At Comic Con

You know you have a viral video on your hands when it is trending despite being taken in vertical format.…

Impressionist Talks To Himself In Family Guy Voices

Impression reel videos are nothing new online. To stick out from the crowd, impressionist Paul put a twist on his reel by…

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Comics – Family Guy

Look At Me Now Rap Family Guy Parody

Paulvlahos didn't just make a Family Guy-themed parody of Chris Brown's popular single Look At Me Now. He also performed his…


Family Guy


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Family Guy Theme Song One Man A Cappella Cover

YouTuber a cappella master Nmckaig returns with his latest one man vocal cover. This time, he featured the Family Guy's theme…



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