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Family Guy FTW!

Peter Griffin FTW

Family Guy does what Family Guy do

Classic scene from Family Guy


Its a tomato

Family Guys Spoofs Street Fighter 2

Street Fighter 2 is probably the most famous fighting game in history, maybe tied with Mortal Kombat. Family Guy parodies…

Family Guy – Peter Drinks Red Bull

Red Bull gives you wings! But you already knew that. Peter gets his hands on some Red Bull and, naturally,…

8 Things You Never Hear – Family Guy Creator Seth MacFarlane Cartoon

Family Guy creator, Seth MacFarlane makes an Internet animated short of eight things people never say like that Hilary Duff…

Family Guy Return Of Jedi Spoof Trailer

Family Guy finishes its trilogy of Star Wars spoofs. This is the trailer for their last spoof It's A Trap!…



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