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Leave Me Alone


Tattoo This Babe

Please tick the 'Yes' box though...

When A Fire Starts To Burn

Here's an idea for when you're bored on a sunny day.

Happy Sis

I can finally have my own bedroom!

Cyanide & Happiness Short: The Waterpark

Another silly and studpid and awesome short by Explosm Entertainment aka "Cyanide & Happiness". This visit to the waterpark got…

Father Does P&J Sandwiches EXACTLY The Way His Kid’s Tell Him To

I really like the idea behind the "Exact Instructions Challenge". Josh Darnit got his kids to make instructions on how…

Swan Family Blazes Trail Through Icy Pond

in Bradgate Park, Glenfield (UK), this brave swan father did his best to move forward and roam the way free…

Toddler Impersonating Mother With Morning Sickness

Poor mother! And proud father. :) D. J. Anderson filmed and uploaded this video of his little toddler imitation the…

This Video Sums Up Motherhood In 34 Seconds

Haha, this is hilarious! Gardner Quad Squad uploaded a video in which we get to see Ashley Gardner locking herself…

60 Year Old Surprise Visits His 80 Year Old Parents On Christmas

Kellen Pierce got a viral hit showing his dad surprising his grandparents with a surprise visit in the car, disguised…

Basketball Player Gets Surprised By Homecoming Military Brother

Notre Dame's Matt Farrell got a pretty good surprise seeing his brother Bo, who was deployed in Afghanistan. At first…

Cute Pregnancy Timelapse After Eating Watermelon Seeds

YouTuber Devon Spittle and his wife present this little guide to what happens if you eat watermelon seeds. Your life…



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