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Darth Maul Fan Made Short Film

Darth Maul was one of the coolest Star Wars antagonists that received the fewest minutes of camera time. Before Episode I…

Fan Made Marvel VS DC Comics Movie Trailer

Marvel and DC Comics have been arch rivals for decades now. But what if they put their differences aside to…

‘Leaked’ Star Wars Airport

The nerd world is eager with anticipation waiting for the new Star Wars sequels created by Disney. Frank Wunderlich claims to…

Calvin and Hobbes: The Movie Fake Trailer

The comic strip Calvin and Hobbes is, of course, cherished on the web. But what happens when Calvin grows up,…

Fan Made Star Wars Episode VII Trailer

Though the initial excitement has worn off, true nerds still can't wait for 2015 when Disney will finally continue the…

Batman: Puppet Master Fan Made Short Film

NSFW - adult content As technology becomes more accessible everyday, and without the need for the big studios, small time artists finally…

Batman Dark Knightfall Fan Made Stop Motion Short Film

The Dark Knight Rises continues to dominate the box office. Seeing how fans just can't get enough Batman, Para Bucks studio made…

Fan Made Doritos Super Bowl Commercial – Make Your Own

Doritos has ingeniously made it a Super Bowl tradition for fans to submit their own fan made commercial for a chance for…

Fan Made Minecraft Commercial

Everyone knows you need an iron pick to mine diamonds.

Fan Made Super Man Cartoon

This is just fantastic. The animation style is very retro, yet has a new feel to it. I only wish…

Fan Made Fight Club In 60 Seconds

The entire movie of Fight Club summed up into a 60 second short film, entirely fan made. Nicely done.

Fan Made Ender’s Game Trailer

Countless freshman classes read the famous science fiction book Ender's Game. The book has a cult following and they are…



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