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Kids Get A Surprise Visit From Jack Sparrow

A visit to Disneyland is a little party in itself of course, but when you get to meet Jack Sparrow


Is Luigi The Richest Man In The Mushroom Kingdom?

The Game Theorists came up with a pretty crazy but somewhat interesting and working theory. Is Super Mario's sidekick and


Who Would Win: Wonder Woman Or Wolverine?

In this episode of "Super Power Beat Down" the people from batinthesun discuss (or let discuss) who would win a


Michael Jordan Surprises His Biggest Fan

Maybe you have heard of "Viral Jordan"? Jeffrey Harrison has conquered the web by storm with his passion for Michael

Green Day Fan Gets Invited On Stage And Does An Epic Job Playing Guitar

This has to be a crazy evening for this "biggest" Green Day fan. He got invited on stage to rock


David Attenborough On The Species Of Fangirls

You may not recognize his name, but you surely know his voice. David Attenborough is a famous English broadcaster and naturalist.


Crazy NBA Fans 2012 Montage

Fans love to stand out and support their team, and there's no better way to celebrate your colors then to


Liverpool Fan Boy Pokes Himself In The Eye But Doesn’t Care

The Brits take their football--or soccer as us Yanks call it--very seriously. Even at a young age, they are groomed


Baltimore Ravens Fan Freaks Outs As They Lose To New England Patriots

This die hard Baltimore Ravens fan was not happy when the Ravens lost to the Patriots to go to the


Arsenal Soccer Fan Goes Crazy

Arsenal was playing Newcastle and their biggest fan couldn't make it. He was at home but he was still watching.


World’s Biggest Harry Potter Fan

This nerd gives his video submission to  Moviefone's "America's Biggest Harry Potter Fan" contest. I'll give it to him. He's


Epic New Fan Made Sonic The Hedgehog Game Better Then Sega’s Sonic 4

Sega's got to be scratching their heads how a fan made game looks way cooler, and more fun than their