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Dwarf Goat Uses Cow as Personal Playground

Dwarf Goat Plays On Top of Cow Check this video out of a small cute goat using a big Scottish


Hilarious Farm Animal Fails

TGIF - Thank god it's FailArmy, right?! This time they present us a compilation of the silliest moments regarding animals.


Little Boy Is Adorably Disappointed That He’s Not Going To Broccoli Farm

Last month, xXx2x4xXx's channel wanted to surprise their four year old son with a trip to the circus. So instead, they told


Horse And Chickens Are Best Friends

Nancy Elwood went to her horse barn to discover her horse Rocky with a chicken on his head. And Rocky didn't


Man Makes Perfect Animal Sounds

As kids we all learn the sounds of the farm animals. Oink, oink, bah, bah, moo, moo. But that's not


Apprehensive Chicken Hugs Boy After Making Sure It’s Really Him

With animals, communication is all done through body language. After getting a hair cut, little Mason came home and wanted


Guy Freaks Out When He Is Randomly Approached By Farm Animals

Imagine you were just going about your day in the city and a goat and a llama randomly just ran up


Ponies Chase Away Wild Boar

Marc Polet was on the farm when he noticed a wild boar running down the dirt road. Suddenly, the boar attacked!


Flood Of Baby Goats Is Adorable

The Sunflower Farm recently went viral after posting an adorable video of a herd of baby goats running. Viewers simply


Herd Of Baby Goats Running Is The Cutest

Besides for cats, the Internet has a strange affection for goats. And the only thing better than a goat is


Touching Friendship Between Goat And Donkey Will Make You Misty Eyed

Animals can't create caring friendships between each other, right? Wrong! As this new touching viral video by animal welfare group Animal


What Does The Farmer Say Ylvis Parody Music Video

When he's not working on the farm, Derek Klingenberg likes to create country-themed pop music parodies.  His latest farmer spoof of the