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Finland’s Got Talent 2016 Winner Farts Christmas Songs With His Hands

That there are lots of reaky and positively crazy people on the "Got Talent" shows worldwide ist common knowledge. But


Older Sister Impresses Younger Brother With Giant Fart

Farting loud and proud is the job of every brother. Especially when his sister has friends around. But this girl


Dog Is Scared By Fart

Getting stuck with the hiccups is annoying for everyone. Even a dog. But this pup was scared out of his


Farting Waffle Is As Silly As It Sounds

It's no secret that fart jokes work. They may be juvenile and silly, but any comedian can attest that they work.


Little Kid Loves To Fart

As every comedian already knows, farts are funny. It's no surprise that kids especially loves fart jokes. GABE'S twin nieces Aubrey and


World’s Largest Functioning Whoopee Cushion Is Ridiculous

Onur Armagan claims to have created the world's largest whoopee cushion ever. Made out of an over inflated air bed with


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Little Girl Has The Funniest Reaction To News That She’s Going To Be A Big Sister

Telling a young child that they are going to be an older sibling is an important event for both the


Horse Passes A Lot Of Gas

It might be inappropriate to talk about passing gas out in public, but this is the Internet. We can talk about


Why Do We Like Our Own Farts

It may be crude, but it's often the case. There's no other way to say it: most people like the


Adorable Animation Explains How Beans Becomes A Fart

Ever child learns the important 'scientific' poem as a child: Beans, beans their good for your heart, the more you


‘Deer Fart’ Is Exactly What You Expect And More

This short video was posted by Jpiccinic in 2011, but has only erupted online now with over 2 million new hits!