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Are Silent Farts Really Worse?

Every school kid knows the adage, and even parents remember the myth. Silent farts are supposedly stronger than the gasses


Farting On The First Date Prank

Countless things can go wrong on a first date, but few can compete with an upset, gassy stomach.  With that


Hot Girl Farting At The Beach Prank

It's no secret an attractive girl doesn't have to ask a guy at the beach twice to rub sunscreen lotion


Farting On People At Disneyland Prank

Prankster Jack Vale makes a living pissing people off and posting the hilarious results on YouTube. One of his favorite


Social Smoking Compared To Social Farting PSA

Canadian anti-smoking campaign Quit The Denial published this eye-opening PSA under the account Mark atMOH, and already the ten day old video


Farting Prank At Huntington Beach

Jack Vales, the creator of The Pooter, took his fake farting device to Huntington Beach to prank Californians. No matter the


Prank Farting On People In The Hood

The hilarious pranksters at Roman At Wood teamed up with solo artist Jack Vales to try and not get killed while


Last Yoda Scene In Return Of The Jedi Re-Edited With Farting Sounds

Yoda's last scene in Return Of The Jedi is a sad, serious, and emotional one. OneMinuteGalactica didn't think it was funny enough,


Whoopi Goldberg Fart On The View

There's nothing more embarrassing than sitting on a chair in public that squeaks when you shift positions. People keep thinking


College Kid Prank Farts In Class And Library

We've seen what happens when you prank fart on shoppers at Target, so now it's time to see how college


Prankster Dresses In Old Man Costume, Farts On Target Shoppers

Our good friend Jack Vale is back with another great farting prank video. This time he wears an old man disguise, and


Woman Threatens To Sue After Being Farted On

Our good buddy Jack Vales loves to prank people at Walmart with his fake farting device. He gets nice and close to