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Barney Frank Farts On TV

This juvenile video of Barney Frank on MSNBC surprisingly went viral, because for a moment there is a sound that


Fake Fart Prankster Gets Punched In The Face

Jack Vales is famous for his candid camera pranks. Sometimes he acts dumb, blows bubbles on people, or fake farts


Puppy Farts On Corgi’s Face

Look at it this way. Humans argue when there is a generation gap, and now we have proof that dogs


News Anchors Laugh At Fart News Story

Delivering the news is supposed to be a serious, sobering event. You're suppose be as serious and composed as possible.


Do Something Cat Farts

This old video from 2008 was popular before, but just had a recent surge in activity. A lazy Garfield cat


News Woman Says ‘May Fart’ Blooper

A news woman in Dallas giving a traffic report has become Internet famous for a slip up a trying to


Spectator Farts, Tiger Woods Laughs

At the Tavistock Cup, someone in the crowd lets a fart loose right before Graeme McDowells takes a swing. After he


Hand Farting Duck Tales Theme

Classic 80's cartoons had the best theme songs. Somehow playing the theme song for Duck Tales by farting with your


Cat Hiccup Fart

I love how this cat is sitting. He gives a little hiccup, then a fine fart toot. Haha.


Boy Gets Detention For Farting On School Bus

The news reporter uses every word for farting. I've never heard such a funny news report. A kid farted on


Guy Farts On People – Times Square

This guy is the master farter. He goes to people in Times Square New York, and lets it rip. People


Dog Afraid Of Whoopie Cushion Fart

This dog is so cute. His owner makes a whoopie cushion fart and he shuffles away and barks at it.