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That’s Painful

Old me looks so boring.


All Girls Dress The Same Way

Boys complain about all girls dressing the same, but they're missing something obvious here.


100 Years Of Flight Attendant Uniforms

An interesting and good looking fashion walk through the century, uploaded by Condé Nast Traveler. "See uniforms that were tailored


TV Presenters Get Into Fight Because Of Their Same-Color Outfits

Amber Sherlock makes Julie Snook change before TV appearance. That is probably all you need to know about this clip,


High Speed Modelling Shoot Gets Interrupted

1st ch uploaded this video of a high speed shooting showing some asian models posing. Already over 1.4 million people


The 2016 Conan Staff Holiday Sweater Competition

Here are some very creative and/or funny outfits, that members of the Conan staff did make. "Can anyone top Barbara’s


This Guy Won A Pair Of Nike Mag 2016

You know, the ones from "Back To The Future". Super Deluxe visited raffle winner Chris to watch him get on


Most Costume Change Illusions In One Minute

Wow! And you wonder, why your better half needs half an hour for deciding, what to wear... "Avery Chin and


100 Years Of Japanese Beauty

The Japanese are an ancient people who are able to somehow revere tradition while also standing on the forefront of


100 Years Of Chinese Beauty

It seems like Cut Video has covered almost every country and nationality in their 100 years of beauty series. But they've left out


100 Years Of Men’s Fashion

Women usually get all the attention in the looks department. But what about the guys? Cut Video decided to shed some light


100 Years Of Beauty Trends In Brazil

Cut Video is back with their ever popular series on the changing beauty trends around the world. This time, they cover