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Man Beautifully Sings His Drive-Thru Sonic Order With Acoustic Guitar

When YouTube was just a toddler, a popular classic meme was to 'prank' a drive thru with a fast food


South African Fast Food Chain Creates Hamburgers With Braille Written With Sesame Seeds On Bun Describing Sandwich For Blind Patrons

Any proper chef knows that presentation is a huge part of creating any delicious dish, because people truly eat with

Video Creates Epic ‘Double Wide Burrito’ At Taco Bell Headquarters

Taco Bell is a fan favorite for late night munchies, but in case your not satisfied try asking for the


Men Rant About Fast Food

The misleading part about fast food is the 'fast.' It's rarely fast. Also, the 'food.' You call that food? These


KFC Introduces New Famous Bowl With Added Bacon

KFC went viral and made headlines in 2010 when they introduced their mammoth 'sandwich,' the Double Down. Now, they have


Trolling Seagulls

People seem to really hate pigeons and seagulls. The birds seem to get no points for being cute, and only


KFC In Malaysia Squeeze Dirty Oil Into Fryer

This video taken in the kitchen of a KFC in Malaysia seems to show cooks wiping oil up with a


Magician Makes Money Float While At Drive Thru

Working the drive-thru window is slow, boring work. This magician has taken it upon himself to brighten the day for


Huge Egg McMuffin Sandwich – Epic Meal Time

It's time for our regular dose of gluttony, brought to you by EpicMealTime, of course. Our host, Harley Morenstein, goes to McDonald's and orders


Fast Food Lasagna

It's time for our serving of Epic Meal Time. They went back to their roots and made a fast food