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Razor Spinner Top VS Redbull

High speed spinners are fun - but can some added razor blades also add some fun to it? At least


The Fastest Ship The World Has Ever Seen

The "Francisco" is the world's first high-speed ferry that uses liquefied natural gas (LNG) as primary fuel. Humans At Sea


Playing Tag On A Professional Level

This video by World Chase Tag got played over 1.4 million times within this week on Facebook. As it seems


The New Rubik’s Cube World Record

So if you happen to have read this whole introduction for the upcoming video about Mats Valk breaking the world


Super Fast Workers Compilation

Don't you just love when you're at the supermarket and your clerk is super fast and organized when checking your


Great Dane Runs 30 MPH

This video from 2010 has steadily been growing in popularity, but has really started to surge since last October. Skimoriver01 recorded as


Chinese Woman Bags Cakes With Great Speed

At some Chinese carnival, a worker bags up cakes like lightening, making her almost good enough to be an exhibit


Waiter Opens Bottles Extremely Fast

This older video posted in 2007 has just gone viral now, and is shared by Arbroath. The waiter who served


Russian Motorcyclist Swerves Through Traffic At High Speed On Warsaw Highway

This is more exciting than a roller coaster ride. This-I'm assuming Russian dude-hits the throttle at top speed, and tells