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Chubby Kid Singing Born This Way

Little Timmy loves to sing pop songs. He's covered Kesha¬†and Katy Perry. Now he takes on Lady Gaga's new single,…

Little Boys Dance Off

A little fat white boy VS a skinny black kid. Who's gonna win? What do you think?

Fat Little Boy Dancing In Speedo On Stage

At a concert in Brazil, one little chubby dude gets on stage and dances his heart out. He doesn't have…

Fat Kid Says Announcer Erin Andrews Is Hot On TV

At a Kansas vs. Kansas State game, the TV pans to announcer Erin Andrews to add her two cents. A…

Fat Kid We R Who We R

This little chubby kids rocks out another pop song. First he went viral performing Katy Perry's California Gurls. Without all…



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