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When The Stadium Snacks Are Actually Good

Just clapping and flapping baby!

An Italian Cheeseburger-Ah

When you're so American you always go for the cheeseburger, no matter where you are.

Too Fat For The Playground

The times of being a skinny little boy are long gone, friend.

When You’re Partying But Not Really

This woman has serious skills--fake boozing, but still dedicated enough to bite the lemon.

Instant Karma Fail Compilation

Normally I am not THAT a fan of fail compilations, as of the high amount of real damages made to…

Giant Light Switch In New York

The holidays can be a little rough in New York City. To help make things more cheerful, Improv Everywhere set up a…


Fat people – funny

Daughter Beatboxes With Dad

Beatboxing is something most people can do on a basic level. But it truly takes talent to master the art…

Kimmel Asks Kids Who Do You Love More, Mom Or Dad

While the country spends $21 billion on Mother's Day gifts, we only spend $12.5 billion on presents for Father's Day. To test…

Pranksters Give Deserving Couple Surprise Wedding And Honeymoon

The prankster at Break have messed with a lot of people. But every now and then, they feel a little guilty…

Grandfather Goes On Tinder Dates

As most people now know, Tinder is the extremely popular dating 'hookup' app that connects you with people in your…

People Try Foie Gras For The First Time

Foie Gras has become more controversial than ever after California banned the decadent dish. Most people are against the fatty…


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