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Country Dad Dances To ‘Watch Me (Whip Nae Nae)’ With Daughter

Let's be honest. Most dads aren't that into today's pop music. But country dad Broncosrock661 isn't your average father. While his talented…

Father And Daughter Have The Most Unique Dance Ever At Wedding

The Internet has seen countless extravagant and original father-daughter dances. It's always such a touching moment. But the Web has…

Dad Dances With His Disabled Daughter At Pageant

McKenzie Carey is like most twelve year old girls. She loves the movie Frozen, the color pink, and dancing. But sadly, McKenzie…

Adorable Father-Daughter Bat Mitzvah Dance Medley

When a Jewish girl turns twelve years old, she becomes a bat mitzvah which is always a time for great…

Father Daughter Roller Skates Wedding Dance

This video from 2010 has gone viral again after being featured on TheFW.  The father of the bride, Gary Stang,…



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