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Packages Fall Out Onto The Road After FedEx Truck Driver Forgets To Close Door

Sadly, some kids might be missing their gifts this year. No, Santa didn't lose their gifts. It was the FedEx man.


Dogs Watch As FedEx Driver Chases His Truck Rolling Downhill

YouTube channel JWs Public Videos published this crazy security camera video with no further information. The video depicts a FedEx driver literally chasing


Wild Turkey Chases UPS Guy Around FedEx Truck

Snow Biggie was in the cafeteria of the University of Minnesota Hospital for some lunch when someone noticed a battle taking place outside. 


FedEx Truck Pushes Package On Highway

It seems the CCTV video of a FedEx deliveryman throwing a package that went viral has started a bad PR


Conan Spoofs Bad FedEx Deliveryman Who Threw Package Over Fence

FedEx is really taking a beating over a security camera video that went viral of a FedEx deliveryman throwing a


FedEx Deliveryman Throws Packages Off His Truck

In a little over a day, FedEx's reputation has been badly tarnished after a security camera video of one of their deliverymen


FedEx Apologizes For Viral Video Of Deliveryman Throwing Computer Monitor

The power of the viral video has been proved again. It was only a few years ago when two Domino's


FedEx Guy Throws Computer Screen Delivery Over Fence

When you order special FedEx, you hope that you will get at least decent service, and they will take care


Amazing Dominoes Show Out Of FedEx Boxes Commercial

Geniuses at have made a masterpiece of an instant Internet viral video. An adorable Canadian goose with a purple bow


FedEx Zombie Commercial

I'll be honest. This commercial is so weird, yet so well done, I'm really not sure if it's an official