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Kangaroos in the Snow

23 August, 2019



Car Guy Accidentally Breaks Windshield Of Borrowed Ferrari

There are a number of special brands that all car guys dream of driving. Ferrari is one such brand. That's what


Bugatti Backing Up Into A Ferrari May Be The Most Expensive Fender Bender Ever

There are cars and luxury cars. And then there are super luxury cars, such as Ferrari and Bugatti. At a


Giving A Veteran A Ride In A Ferrari

YouTuber Whatever got his hands on a Ferrari F430 for the day, and decided to pick up random people waiting at the


People Reacting To Driving Ferrari 360 Modena Will Make You Smile

A lot of car enthusiasts are jerks about letting people drive their cars. Doug DeMuro just bought a sweet Ferrari 360 Modena


Picking Up Girls With A Ferrari Social Experiment

Remember Vitaly's Gold Digger Test where he asked a girl out, and only after being turned down did he reveal he


Ferrari Driver Is Arrested After Running Over NYC Policeman’s Foot

If you're being issued a parking ticket, and you're rich enough to afford a Ferrari 458 Spider, it's probably best


Eight Ferraris Crash In Most Expensive Supercar Pileup Wreck

Fourteen luxury cars, including eight Ferraris, a Lamborghini, and other supercars crashed on China Road in Japan in what people


Truck Runs Over Ferrari

A brand new 2011 Ferrari 458 Italia is crushed by a Ford truck in an accident. The Ford F-150 is


Engineers Turn Robot Arm Into F1 Ferrari Simulator

The driver sits in a cockpit simulator on a huge robotic arm. The arm reacts to the input from the



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