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Ferret Helps Take Out The Trash

Dogs are famous for being the most helpful pet that can assist with chores. Fetching the paper or shoes, bring bags in,…

Ferret Babies Follow Mom Over Fence

It's not just adorable ducklings who follow their mama where ever she may go. In this precious clip by Jeff Zenger,…

Ferret Adorably Fails Jump

The Internet has seen many cats adorably slip up and fail at a jump, but there are many others pets…

Ferrets Play In Packing Peanuts

Pet lover Kathryn Smith posted this video online just over a year ago, but it has only exploded onto the viral…

Ferret Can’t Fit It’s Food Through Narrow Hole

Ferrets can really slither around through small holes, like this one who sneaks in through a broken metal panel. And…

Ferret Inside PS3, Playstation 3 Case

Looks like a regular PS3, but lo and behold, it's really just a ferret house. That's one expensive rodent cage.



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