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Ten Year Old Country Boy Performs ‘Blue Moon Of Kentucky’

Carson Peters is only ten years old, but he's been playing the fiddle since he was only four. Now, he's…

The Tall Fiddler By Tommy Emmanuel

Small time musician Tommy Emmanuel has gone viral with his performance of his song The Tall Fiddler off his album Endless Road.  The…

Strange Woman Clucks Like Chicken Playing Fiddle

If you really dig deep enough, you can find it. What exactly is it? Well, it can be anything from…

Three Young Brothers Play Blue Grass

It's nice to see kids these days getting along and also doing something productive with their lives. Jonny Mizzone, age…

Darth Vader Playing The Fiddle

After the Death Star blew up, Vader was out of a job for a while. He went so low as…



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