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Koala Fight

Koalas cute and harmless? I don't think so. This analysis of a koala fight is intense! The one second it


NBL China Mental Team Fight On The Court

So far for basketball being a non-contact sport... [embed][/embed]


3 Animatronic Yodas Battle Each Other

DIY Prophacks put three Yodas to the test, who will fight the best and gained over 600,000 views with it.


Four Barking Dogs And A Gate…

You can conduct a lot from this video uploaded by Marcus V. Jacob to the human species... :) "We're all


20 UFC Fights That Were Over In Under 20 Seconds

I don't watch UFC, but this is intense! Clipper put together 20 fights that went down quicker than you can


TV Presenters Get Into Fight Because Of Their Same-Color Outfits

Amber Sherlock makes Julie Snook change before TV appearance. That is probably all you need to know about this clip,


Overwatch In Real Life With Nerf Guns

"Nerf Overwatch" from Corridor Digital brings the hit video game to life. Kind of. This video already got over 800,000


Ginger Cat vs The Paper Army 2

In 2013 this video of a fight between Ginger Cat and a paper army went viral with over 4 million


Honest Trailer: Mortal Kombat

In the newest edition of "Honest Trailers" the Screen Junkies present us the whole truth about this combat that gets


How To Film A Street Fight

It is not only my pleasure to show you the best viral videos of our time, I also want to


Nerf War: Donald Trump VS Hillary Clinton

Things you didn't know you have to see #7238: Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton in an epic nerf gun fight


Reclaiming the Armrest for 1 Million Views

Another example of "silly thing going viral" (yeah, over 1 million views on this!). The long time fight about the