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F-18 Breaks Sounds Barrier Above New York Beach

This video from 2009 just had a recent surge in viewership after being featured on Reddit. At the Bethpage Federal Credit…

Jetman Flies In Formation With Fighters Jets

Swiss pilot, Yves Rossy, best known around the world as JetMan performed the astounding feat of flying in formation with Swiss…

New F-35B Fighter Jet First Vertical Landing On Aircraft Carrier

America may have some serious economic and social problems going on, but we're still have the best and greatest military…

Norway Tests New Naval Strike Missile

Norway just developed and finally tested their new Naval Strike Missile. The new cruise missile boasts fire and forget technology, much…

Fighter Jet Aborts Landing On Aircraft Carrier

Of all things in this world, landing a fighter jet on an aircraft carrier requires severe accuracy. Just a few feet…



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