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Kids React To Blockbuster Video

Most of us online fondly remember going to Blockbuster on the weekend to rent a couple movies to watch. It was


Teens Struggling To Use An Older PC Running Windows 95 Is Cringey

Today, most of us take our modern smooth running computer operating systems for granted. But back in 1995, Windows was


Internet Explodes In Anger At Fine Brothers Attempt To License React Videos

Even if you don't know their name, you have most likely seen at least one of their videos. The Fine Brothers are


Elders React To Star Wars The Force Awakens

Everyone is literally giddy with excitement over the new Star Wars move, The Force Awakens. It's been years since the last


Kids React To Tamagotchi

Today, kids are lucky enough to have access to incredible computing power. Most kids have an older iPhone or tablet that their


Teens React to Back To The Future 2

Back in the 80's and 90's, it was hard to find a movie trilogy as popular and cool as Back To The


The Walking Dead Season 5 Reviewed In 7 Minutes

Ever since Breaking Bad ended, the most popular show on AMC is without a doubt the zombie-horror thriller The Walking


Kids Try Sushi For The First Time

It wasn't that long ago that most Americans would gag at the idea of eating raw fish. Today, sushi has


Teens React To Cecil The Lion Being Hunted

As most people heard last week, Zimbabwe's famous celebrity lion named Cecil was hunted and killed by an American dentist.


Kids React To The First iPod

It feels like it was just yesterday when everyone was talking about this new device called an MP3 player that


Teen React To Using The Encyclopedia

Kids these days don't even know how good they have. Even in the early 2000's, it wasn't that simple to


Kids Taste Test Kimchi For The First Time

Kimchi is basically the South Korean version of American ketchup. Kimchi is served with nearly everything in South Korean cuisine.