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Flying Snowmobile Is Crazy

The Finnish daredevils of Stunt Freaks Team weren't satisfied with simply hang gliding off of a cliff. So they decided to merge


Bluegrass Country Cover Of Thunderstruck

Finnish country music band Steve Seagulls has gone viral with their latest rock music cover. The band put a bluegrass twist on


Horse Whisperer Is Able To Call Horse To Him

Fin RudiRok is literally the horse whisperer. In this inconceivable video, he literally calls one of his mom's horses over from across


‘Bear Man’ Is Best Friends With Bears

Puppies are adorable, but they simply can't compete with bear cubs. Years ago, Fin Sulo Karjalainen was asked to take care


One Girl Performing 14 Music Genres Will Blow Your Mind

Finn singer Sara is one talented girl. She can sing in a variety of musical genres, ranging from R&B to


Bear Attack Prank In Finland

YouTube prankster Roman Atwood recently visited the Dudesons in Finland, and of course couldn't let the opportunity to prank some Finns go to


Monster – Finnish Anti-Drinking PSA Commercial

The Fragile Childhood in Finland is a campaign that highlights the not widely understood harm parental drinking causes children. For some reason,


Angry Birds Land Tour In Finland

Just when you thought the firestorm that is Angry Birds finally calmed down on the Internet, this amateur video tour of the


First Gentleman Of Finland Caught Peeking At Princess Mary Of Denmark

Even though nearly all European monarchies ended their rule years ago, most countries kept the ruling families as their unofficial


Ridiculously Fast Slot Car Racing

This video from 2010 just went viral now, being viewed more than 200,000 times in just days. It is specifically


Fishing Under Ice In Finland

This amazing video of fishermen literally fishing under a thick layer of ice just went viral on Reddit. The scuba


Summer And Winter Time Lapse In Finland

This video is from 2010, but just became popular on social forum sites. Finland is famous for it's extremely polarizing