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Civic Catches Fire During Burn Out

If you're trying to show off, make sure you know what you're doing. Idiots attach a Honda Civic to a…

Manhole Explodes In NYC

Imagine just walking around one night in the Big Apple when OH NO! A manhole burst open and the gates…

Riding Bike On Fire Through Parking Garage

Riding a bike with its wheels on fire takes serious balls. But it's also freaking cool. I love the traces…

Driving Through Fireball With Guy On Roof Stunt

I don't know if this a legit stunt scene from a movie, or just made for the Internet, but it's…

Gieco Commercial – Caveman Invented Fire

Did the cave man invent fire? Cue the cave man in a slick bachelor pad with a hot babe. He…

NEW VIDEO – NYC Firemen Testify On 9/11: There Were Secondary Explosions

New York Firefighter heroes state what many others have claimed. There were secondary explosions in the World Trade Centers before…

Greyson Chance – Fire

Greyson Chance performs Fire singing and playing piano. Why is Justin Bieber more famous than this kid?

San Bruno California Fire Amatuer Video Footage 9/9/10

Imagine coming home and seeing your entire neighborhood engulfed in flames? I feel so bad for these people. A gas…

California Homes On Fire After Gas Leak Explosion

Many homes in California suburbs are burned, after a gas line leaked and exploded.

Fire Tornado – Honolulul, Hawaii

A huge fire tornado in Honolulu Hawaii. There was a similar natural phenomenon in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Flamethrower VS Fire Extinguisher – 1000 Frames Per Second

This reminds me of the scene from Harry Potter when Harry's and Voldemort's magic spells clash. Amazing clip of a…

Amatuer Video Of Fires In Russian Village 7/30/10

Russians drive through some of the fires that have erupted in Russia. Drought, and an extremely hot summer has made…


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