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Katy Perry Firework Music Video Official

Katy Perry's official music video for her hit single Firework. Fireworks explode from¬†a fat girl in a bikini, a dying…

Katy Perry Firework – The X Factor 2010 Results Show

Katy Perry sings her new single Firework at the X Factor results show. How do you think she did?

Man Dressed In Wig And Dress Lip Sync Katy Perry FireWork At Apple Store

This guy's YouTube gag is to cross dress terribly and go on Chat Roulette tricking guys. Now he comes out…

Midget Lip Sync, Sings, Dances To Katy Perry Firework

This guy is now a YouTube Sensation, and it's well deserved. Who can move like this dude? No one. He…



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