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Bike Rigged with Fireworks to Celebrate New Year

Bike Rigged with Fireworks to Celebrate New Year Well we got a cool strange video for the world today. This


Kids’ First Fireworks

Do you remember your first fireworks show? Maybe not, so here's a little reminder of what that might've looked like


Setting Up Fireworks Inside Of A Printer

This colorful explosion performed by thehypnoguy1 nearly got a million views on YouTube. "We've all wanted to do this to


200,000 Sparklers Burnin At The Same Time

After the 10,000 sparklers burning a few weeks ago, we take this amount and multiply it with 20 to get


Watch London’s Epic 360° New Year’s Fireworks

After Sydney's pretty cool fireworks yesterday, I found another pretty awesome one for you to rewatch. London even did film


Watch Sydney’s Cool New Year’s Eve 2016 Midnight Fireworks

This video of the midnight fireworks downunder is trending right now with a quarter million views already. So if your


10,000 Sparklers Burning At Once

Ukranian YouTuber Slivki Show did inflame 10,000 sparklers at once - to celebrate upcoming New Year's and so you don't


Crazy Guy Builds 5000 Fireworks Deathstar

Now that summer is finally in full swin it's time for pool parties, BBQ's, and of course fire works! To celebrate


Firework Rocket Launcher

Ever thought that there wasn't enough firepower in fireworks? Inventor Colin Furze thought just that so he merged his fireworks with a


Spiral Catherine Wheel Fireworks In Slow Motion

Everyone knows that fireworks always look better in slow motion. For their latest project, The Slow Mo Guys took a simple


Giant Roman Candle Minigun Is The Coolest Way To Launch Fireworks

The Roman Candle is probably the most boring and tame of all the fireworks out there. But if you're going


Steel Wool Sparklers

Fire works are fun, but this is an awesome experiment you can try at home to make your own homemade