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Firefighter Helmet Cam Shows House Fire Battle

Firefighters are often titled as neighborhood heroes, but their work is usually done behind closed doors. Now, we finally have the chance…

Marcelo Gutierrez Biker First Person View Racing Through Urban Obstacle Course In Columbia

Marcelo Gutierrez is a famous Columbian biker, and is the fastest Pro rider in the country. To really show the level…

Mountain Biker Saves Calf Stuck In Canal

A mountain biker found a baby cow stuck in a canal separated from the herd. Being the awesome human he is, he…

First Person View Of F1 Race Car Driver

For the first time ever, F1 race car driver Lucas di Grassi put on an eye level camera, and raced…

Escaping From The Office Action Scene Music Video

Here is the music video for Biting Elbows' new song The Stampede. From the point of view of an office worker,…

First Person Bike Race

This video is over a year old, but was just recently discovered. Get ready for the ride of your life.…


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