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River Monsters Crew Saves Lost Fisherman

While recording in Australia for the show River Monsters, the Animal Planet crew made an incredible discovery near the beach. A stranded


Fisherman Is Shocked And Terrified When Fishing Line Comes Up With Huge Teeth

Fisherman was Lance Burgos was kayak fishing with a friend on a swamp when they thought they caught something on their noodle line.


Fishermen ‘Catch’ And Save Kittens In Water

Many fishermen go after catfish to make a delicious fried dish. But while the two fishermen of Alabama Adventures were out on the water


Fisherman Catches Drone With Perfect Cast

Now that drones have dropped so significantly in price, any nerd with a couple of bucks can get one. As


Fisherman Trapped Underwater For Three Days Is Rescued

Barcroft TV reports that a fisherman amazingly survived underwater for three days in an air bubble in the hull of his


Two Fishermen Help Killer Whale Beached On Rocks

While shrimp fishing, fishermen Jason and Nick of Vonick1 encountered a killer whale beached on the rocks near the Prince of Whales island


Marlin Jumps Into Boat, Fisherman Jumps Out

This ridiculous video posted online by Dugomo has gone viral with over 1.6 million views since Sunday.  While reeling in a


Sea Lion Steals Giant Fish From Fisherman’s Hands

Adventures South of the Border features fishing fun from all around the Baja Peninsula in Mexico. After two years of publishing


350lb Blue Marlin Jumps Onto Fishing Boat

Last week, a massive 350 pound Blue Marlin literally jumped onto the fishing boat of Beecher Jacobsen. The fishermen crew


Fishermen Encounter Great White Shark

After catching a whopping 300 lb marlin, two fishermen off the coast of Oahu, Hawaii encountered a much bigger beast, a


Record Breaking Stop Motion Animation Shot With Nokia N8

Nokia has just launched an advertising campaign showing off their new N8 smart phone. The camera has an impressive 12 megapixel camera