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Ice Fishing Like A Boss – Russian Pulls Huge Fish Out Of Frozen Lake By Hand

Russia is famous on the Western Internet for being a fantastic source of everything crazy, weird, and down right WTF


Fisherman Accidentally Records Close Up Of Pod Of Swimming Dolphins On Underwater Camera

Mark Peters went albacore tuna fishing with his buddies, and even brought an underwater setup for his GoPro camera. The fishing went


Shark Steals Fish Off Fishergirl’s Line

NSFW Warning - language Sarah Brame was fishing by Myrtle Beach, South Carolina with her country folk friends and family when


Diver Removes Hook From Puffer Fish

This tense and drawn out video went viral yesterday, amassing over 100,000 views. Published by henry obrian, the video features a


Fishing Under Ice In Finland

This amazing video of fishermen literally fishing under a thick layer of ice just went viral on Reddit. The scuba


Homeless Man Goes Fishing In LA River Using Stones

This video from 2009 has just started to pick up serious viewership. A homeless man is caught on camera going


Baby Boy Catches His First Fish

Three year old Teddy has always loved fish, and wanted to go fishing like he saw on the movies. Finally,


Fishers Freak Out When Shark Eats Another Shark

While fishing, a bunch of buddies think they caught something big. Then, all of a sudden, a shark fin appears


Man Catches Fish, Fish Gets Away, Man Jumps In After Fish

If you catch, or almost catch such a big beauty, you don't let it get away. The fisher is about