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I’m At The Gym

Don't worry, I'm working hard at the gym!

Fitness Pays Off

A gym membership isn't that expensive when you are a strawberry.

That’s Not How To Fitness

When you don't know how to use a machine, just ask around. Never try and fix it by yourself...

Impressive Progress Pic

In just two weeks you can make a lot of progress, such as losing your bloody watch.

Watch This Guy’s Weightloss In Timelapse

Isou Dw worked very hard on his last year's resolution to get into better shape. Every day along his process…

The Ultimate Workout Fails Compilation

With "Workout Fails: New Year, Same Me" Fail Army demonstrates us that "Sport ist Mord" ("sports kill you") as we…

Water Balloons Thrown At Toned Athlete In Super Slow Motion

Slow motion obsessed Pablo Vicente has finally launched a viral that has gone viralviral. He enlisted his friend Henry to star in…

One Pinky Pull Up Fake

Like all outrageous videos online, viewers are up in arms whether this fitness video is real or not. Popular online…

Man Exposes Truth Behind ‘Health Products’ Before/After Picture Transformations

We've all seen pictures in magazines and online ads of men and women with outrageous before and after pictures, seemingly proving…

Motivational Fitness Music Video

There's no two ways about it, if you want to be successful and satisfied in life you must put in hard work.…



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