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5 Year Old Pool Prodigy Is Three Generations In The Making

While most other five year olds like to spend their time playing tag and drawing, Thnkr TV reports that little Keith O'Dell enjoys spending…

Dad Upgrades Five Year Old Son’s Lightning McQueen Power Wheel

There's no doubt that Power Wheels was and still is one of the coolest toys a kid can get. But…

US Airman Surprises Five Year Old Son With Star Wars Themed Party

Col. Rob Kiebler was away from his wife and five year old son for fourteen long months in Afghanistan. His…

Five Year Old Describes Popular Brand Logos

Corporation and brand logos have a much stronger impact on the public than people might realize. Even at the tender…

5 Year Olds Make Espresso

Most five year olds can barely tie their own shoes or properly brush their teeth, but these two have such…

5 Year Old Girl Gives Make Up Tutorial To Be A Sunflower

Most make up gurus on YouTube are fabulous, sparkling women who are make up experts. Madison is only five years…



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