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100 Years Of Flight Attendant Uniforms

An interesting and good looking fashion walk through the century, uploaded by Condé Nast Traveler. "See uniforms that were tailored


Westjet Flight Attendant Performs Hilarious Safety Demo

After waiting seemingly forever to finally board the airplane, anxious passengers nearly always groan when the flight attendants begin their flight safety demonstration.


Flight Attendant Dances To Uptown Funk

Everyone is getting their groove on to the new hit single Uptown Funk by Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars. Charlie Sierra's sister


Southwest Flight Attendant Performs Hilarious Pre-Flight Speech

Frequent fliers hate the pre-flight speech before take-off. It may surprise you, but the flight attendants hate the speech even


Ellen Invites Hilarious Mid-Life Crisis Southwest Flight Attendant Onto Her Show

Remember the SouthWest Airlines flight attendant who gave an outrageous pre-flight safety speech? In her video title she even admitted


South West Flight Attendant Offers Hilarious Flight Safety Speech

Most passengers completely ignore the boring flight safety speech given by the flight attendant these days. But just imagine how


Surprise Bollywood Dance On Finnair Flight

In honor of India's Republic Day, passengers aboard a Finnair flight heading to Delhi, India were surprised with a special Bollywood style


TSA Forces Breast Cancer Survivor To Show Prosthetic Breast

A flight attendant who is also a breast cancer survivor was forced to be groped before going to work. She


Male Flight Attendant Dance You Can Dance If You Want to – Cebu Pacific Pre Safety Flight

Here's the male version of the viral flight attendants dancing to the pre flight safety instructions. Cebu Pacific made a