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Gigantic RC crash with turbine-powered Jet

Uff! This XXXL RC model turbine jet broke into millions of pieces midair. And no, this is not your costum


$21,000 first class airplane seat

Casey Neistat shows us his latest segment of "traveling in style". Damn, that airplane seat did cost more then many


Air New Zealand Made An Epic Men In Black Themed Flight Safety Video

Air New Zealand has become famous online over the past years for their outrageous and entertaining flight safety videos. In this


Google Glass Is Only Good For The Camera Short Film

Most people have heard of the facial mini-computer called Google Glass, but few have ever seen or used one. Filmmaker Casey Neistat got his hands


Woman Awkwardly Passes Out On Man During Flight

Taking a cramped flight in coach is already an uncomfortable experience, but Steve Cullum recently had it much worse. While flying over


Philadelphia Orchestra Musicians Perform On Plane During Flight Delay On Tarmac

There are few things dreaded more than having one's flight delayed. Of course, what is worse is being delayed on


Traveler Records His Amazing Emirates Airlines A380 First Class Flight From Bangkok To Hong Kong

Most people despise traveling, but if you have the cash, it can be an extremely pleasurable experience.  On April 30, 2011 Volterrific treated himself to


Penguins Walking Around First Class During Flight

Passengers of a Delta flight 1641 were lucky enough to have two very special guests join them on their journey


Epic Pillow Fight Breaks Out On Airline Flight

Even with all the technology there is these days, there's nothing that can cure the boredom of a long flight


Google Flight Search

Google has yet again made our lives easier with their new Flight Search function. Now, instead of messing around with


Flight Attendants Dance To Lady Gaga Just Dance During Pre Flight Instructions On Cebu Pacific Flight

As more and more Airlines realize people don't pay attention to the flight attendant demos showing people how to buckle