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8th Street And Avenue C Intersection Flooded In Manhattan From Hurricane Sandy

One of the most shared videos from the super storm Sandy is this short clip from the 8th Street and Avenue


Fire Truck Drives Through Australian Flooded Road

A flooded road is no place for a car, but when duty calls, firefighters and their engines must be up


Elicott City, Maryland Street Flooded

It's to the point that horrible weather reports of flooding and rain come as no surprise anymore. Every week, there's


National Guard Try To Drive Trucks Through High Flood Waters, Almost Drown

New York City seemed to get all the attention from the media concerning hurricane Irene, but Virginia and New Jersey


Flooding In Paris 8/5/11

And just when America thought we got all the crazy weather, here's proof the whole world is under the wrath


Bus Drives Through Flooded Road

It seems every day there are new reports of wild fires or flooding. What's going on in our world? I'm


Man Builds Moat Fortress Around Home To Save From Flooding

Flooding has been serious for much of the central and southern parts of America. Tennessee and Arkansas have both been


Flooding On I-29 Fargo North Dakota

The flooding in North Dakota is getting serious. Water, about a foot high, covered I-29 in Fargo, North Dakota. It's


Man Saves Woman From Raging Flood Waters In Sao Paulo

A fourteen year old girl was being swept away in flood waters in Brazil. One brave man in red saw


Canoeing In McDonalds Austraila Flood 2011

The flooding in Milton Austraila was extreme. How bad was it? Well let's just take a boat trip through the


Toowoomba Australia Flooding 1/10/11

The flooding in Australia is terrifying. Cars are just swept away like empty soda cans.  


Cars Underwater Malta Floods

Heavy rains flooded the streets of Malta and swept some cars away. They just float around like they are taking