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Daring Truck Driver Drives Through Flooded Louisiana Streets

The United States Postal Service's unofficial tag line is well known. Neither snow nor rain nor heat. This truck driver


Real Life Super Hero Saves Woman And Her Dog From Drowning In Car In Baton Rouge Flood

In case you were unaware, Baton Rouge, Louisiana is currently underwater. Many are saying it's some of the worst flooding next to Katrina.


Severe Flooding In Ellicott City

Ellicott City, Maryland has been prone to flooding for years. But the flash storm that hit on Saturday was something that locals


Drone Footage Of Texas Floods Will Shock You

While California tries to cope with one of the worst recorded droughts in the state's history, much of Texas and


Desert River In Israel Is Dramatically Reborn By Flash Flood

The Negev desert in Israel is obviously a dry, arid place. But, after years of drought, the Zin river in the


Flash Flood Chaser Captures Incredible Traveling Flood In Utah Desert On Camera

Most people are familiar with storm chasers, but flood chasers? Do people really chase flash floods for fun and excitement?


Elicott City, Maryland Street Flooded

It's to the point that horrible weather reports of flooding and rain come as no surprise anymore. Every week, there's


National Guard Try To Drive Trucks Through High Flood Waters, Almost Drown

New York City seemed to get all the attention from the media concerning hurricane Irene, but Virginia and New Jersey


Flooding Washes Away Rocks Supporting Train Tracks In Canada

Flooding has hit America hard this season, but our neighbor to the North has also had some serious water problems.