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‘Tainted Love’ Performed By Floppy Drives

German YouTuber Gigawipf is a computer hardware super geek.  He published this catchy cover of the Soft Cell hit single Tainted Love performed by…

Daft Punk’s Aerodynamic Covered Using Floppy Drives

Of all the music genres to cover using the physical sounds made from of his old computer floppy drives, the…

James Bond 007 Theme Song Played On Floppy Drives

Making music with multiple floppy drives is nothing new. What else is the now archaic technology good for anyways? But jamoore60 took things…

‘What Is Love’ Played On Floppy Drives

Floppy drive musician MrSolidSnake745 has an entire series of pop songs played using old 90's computer technology that are all fairly popular.…

Floppy Drive Music – Pirates of the Caribbean Theme Song

These days most kids don't even know what a floppy disk is. You know, the little icon on almost every…

Floppy Drive Plays Star Wars Imperial March

Some of you may remember the floppy drives that played Phantom of the Opera a while back. This floppy drive music…

Floppy Disk Phantom Of The Opera

Most kids these days don't even know what a floppy disk is. And when  they see one, they usually ask…



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