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Little Flower Girl Adorably Runs In The Background During Wedding Ceremony

The moment when the bride and groom are reciting their vows and promising to only have each other is one


Little Girl Adorably Explains The Rules Of Being Flower Girl To Dad

JoJo Lomelino is quickly becoming an Internet star. It was only last week when she went viral after adorably explainging to


Screaming Flower Girl Runs Down The Aisle

There are countless cute videos of adorable flower girls walking down the aisle. The precious video from 2011 of a flower


Bossy Flower Girl Even Shushes Pastor During Wedding Reception

There's nothing more precious than a cute flower girl. They like to take their job very seriously. Like the flower


Adorable Flower Girl Picks Up Flower Petals Instead Of Dropping Them During Wedding Reception

Being a flower girl is almost always given to the youngest girls in the family. But if they are too