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Beatboxing In Slow Motion Is The Stuff From Your Nightmares

In this new video, German DJ Flula asks if his viewers "would like to see how beat boxing does look in slow…

Polar Vortex Rap Song

Much of the country is still grueling from the frigid polar vortex that has smothered the Midwest. German DJ Flula is one…

Anchorman 2 Interview Techno Banger Remix

German DJ artist and YouTuber Flula had the lucky opportunity to interview the cast of the much anticipated movie Anchorman 2.  Naturally, he…

German DJ Flula Performs Baby Got Back With Sir Mix-A-Lot In His Car

Eccentric and popular German DJ and YouTube character Flula performed another auto-tune pop song cover in his car, this time choosing…

German Guy Covers Seven Nation Army With Dad Playing Accordion In Volkswagen Driven By Mom

German YouTuber DJ Flula is best known for his funny take on American idioms. Now that he has a following of more…

German Guy Doesn’t Understand American Football Name

Anyone who has ever thought about it for more than a minute realizes that the name for American football is…

German Blogger Does Not Understand the Idiom ‘Shoot The Sh**’

Flula's friend emailed him saying tomorrow they should get coffee and shoot the sh**. "Shoot the sh**?!" Flula does not…



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