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Heineken Offers Their Departure Roulette Deal To Viewers Of Their Original Viral Video

Back in July, Heineken went viral with their Departure Roulette Commercial where they offered strangers a free trip to a random country, but…

Massive Fly Invades The Graham Norton Show With Steve Carell, Kristen Wiig, and Chris O’Dowd

A massive fly invaded the studio of The BBC's The Graham Norton Show with celebrity guests Steve Carell, Bridesmaids star Kristen Wiig,…

Bug-A-Salt Gun Kills Flies By Shooting Table Salt

One of the worst parts of summer is the constant flies. Swatters, bug spray, fly tape and more are all…

Dad Tosses Toddler Wearing Just Diaper And Cape Onto Giant Pillow

One of the first roles a toddler boy likes pretend to be is a superhero, with Superman being the most…

Bug On Computer’s Touch Screen

How soft of a touch can your touchscreen computer read? Apparently, it is sensitive enough to feel the weight of…

Snow Boarder Flies With Huge Kite

This snow boarder is in the windy mountains. With all the wind he is propelled by his kite. But soon…

Turkish Man Claims He Can Fly During Talk Show, Attempts Flying By Jumping Around

This guy claims to the talk show hostess he can fly. He then jumps up like he's possessed and starts…



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