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Guy Fieri Eating To The Music Of “Hurt” By Johnny Cash

Johnny Cash is one of those artists that can hit you like a ton of bricks. You'll be fine, but…

Paula Deen Apologies

Food Network star and celebrity chef Paula Deen has landed in hot water after news headlines broke that she admitted…

Iron Chef Secret Ingredient Compilation

Iron Chef is a cooking show that tries its best to be as dramatic and exciting as possible. How can…

Sandra Lee Pours In More Than Two Shots Worth

This Food Network clip from 2009 of Sandra Lee making a Kiwi cocktail just went viral. People seem to think…

South Park Iron Chef Spoof

South Park spoofs Iron Chef and other cooking shows,┬áhaving Randy Marsh compete with Bobby Flay while Gordon Ramsay yells at…

Paula Deen Donut Hamburger Slowed Down

Slowed down videos are becoming more and more popular online now. The editor added soft piano music, and I'm not…



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