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1000 Strip Bacon Sandwich

Epic Meal Time introduces us to the B1000, a single sandwich with 1,000 strips of bacon. Get your cardiologist on


Little Girl And Giant Bunny Share A Meal

Nothing more fraternising than sharing a meal. You might not have the same taste or despise the food the other


Exploding Fruit In 4K

Almost everything is beautiful in 4K, so exploding fruit is no difference. A bit of a waste perhaps, but at


Ryan Gosling Won’t Eat His Cereal

Do you think you know Ryan Gosling? Think again. You know that story where everyone in the world likes cereal.


Squirrel Enjoying Some Fancy Lunch

The cold times can be hard on a squirrel, so when you get your little claws on something as delicious


Cute Puppies Against Evil Food

As a dog, you're on the hunt for food, practically all day every day. So naturally, when an opportunity presents


This Is One Of The Smallest Restaurants In New York

Eating out is usually associated with dining decadently in a spacious, tasteful establishment. Well, this place has all those things


The Best Bite Of Pizza You’ll Ever Have

I am a huge pizza guy. I love 'em in all sizes and flavours, but generally, the bigger the better.


You Suck At Cooking: Gingerbread Edition

A little late for gingerbread cookies perhaps, but that makes it even more of a surprise! And they're still delicious


True Brothers Do Everything Together

Little bird comes in racing to enjoy his meal together with his doggy pals. Look how they even make a


The Cat Wants Candies

I mean, I definitely wouldn't be able to withstand those cute eyes staring at me. Then at the food. Then


Smuggling Your Own Food Into Cinemas Like A Pro

Okay, so you've gotten past the entrance and ticket control, now what? How are you going to eat the delicious