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The Apple Addicted Elephant

There are few things Lily the elephant wouldn't do for that sweet apple flavour. I'll eat my apple first before…

Expiration Dates Don’t Mean What You Think

As essential as food is in our lives, the regulations are often very complicated and non-transparant. What do you think…

Hungry Otter Checks The Fridge For Food

Only to find it's not even fully stocked and the stuff that's in it is wrapped in plastic. But he…

Queen Baby The Food Critic

Don't you hate people who have something to criticise on everything you put in front of them? Well, in this…

Those Leftover Pumpkins You Have?

Use them to make a wonderful pumpkin pie! Food usually doesn't get any better than this. But maybe that's just…

Romantic Dinner With Your Cat

This is how it's done! [embed][/embed]

Maru The Baker Cat

Let me create some delicious bread for ya'. [embed][/embed]

Squirrel Snacking Away

Because who doesn't like pizza... [embed][/embed]

Ever Tried A Durian?

It's smell is quite... peculiar. As these fine folks find out. [embed][/embed]

Vegetarians Try Meat, For The First Time

Shocker! People who hate the meat-industry try meat for the first time! [embed][/embed]

Chicken Has A Healthy Tooth

Apples, so close but yet so far away. [embed][/embed]

Food Etiquette Lessons From A Rat

If only every human would be so well-mannered at their dinner tables. [embed][/embed]


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