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Kids Try Israeli Snacks

Kids are notorious for being difficult eaters... So how about some Israeli snacks then? [embed][/embed]

Bears vs. Bear-Proof Garbage Can

Well, the bear doesn't know it's called a bear-proof garbage can... [embed][/embed]

Squirrel Slapstick

Squirrel chooses the most hilarious way to defend his food. [embed][/embed]

How To Eat A Huge Sandwich

The solution is actually very simple, but the food might not be as appealing anymore. [embed][/embed]

You Can Argue For Days About This Image

What exactly is this cat trying to say??! [embed][/embed]

Breakfast With Macaws

Because a breakfast just by yourself is pretty boring. [embed][/embed]

How To Get Kids To Eat Veggies

It isn't easy, but it's guaranteed to work! [embed][/embed]

Sick Tomato Sorting Skills

Sorting tomatoes has never been easier with this little bugger of a machine.

Irish People Try American Pancakes

Taste testing doesn't get any sweeter than this! [embed][/embed]

Maybe Blueberries Will Help

Fruit solves all your problems. Riiiiiight.

Dog Throws Tantrum When He Doesn’t Get His Gravy

However entitled you think you are to your gravy, you probably don't throw a tantrum like this. [embed][/embed]

Gordon Rents A New Apartment For Struggling Owners

Sure, Gordon is all cursing and yelling, but the guy has a heart too. [embed][/embed]


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